Metal Wall Cladding

Metal Wall Cladding is an external wall finish most commonly made from aluminium or steel.  Its profiles offer great economical solutions to residential, commercial and industrial structures. We supply and install metal claddings, assuring you of only premium quality and excellent service from our team of professional roofers. We can also advise you on what material is best suited to your application. If you’re looking for a modern, cost-efficient, environment-friendly wall cladding system, then metal colourbond products are an excellent choice.

There are a lot of different colours to choose from, as well as various textures and styles, and if you’re looking for an industrial or retro finish, then metal wall cladding will work really well for you. It is sometimes applied to resemble timber boards, or suspended in large sheets, and some cladding can even be enveloped around a whole building in one large piece.

Metal cladding works well in maintaining a tight building coverage and provides good insulation. If you’re worried about its effects on the environment, worry no more because metallic material, especially stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and it does not release any harmful toxins or chemicals. The material we use can also be recycled for another project or converted to serve a different function.

Installing Metal Wall Cladding

Metal cladding is installed by fastening interlocking panels, horizontal or vertical, to the exterior covering of your house, or by wrapping the house frame in metal sheet. It’s easier to install aluminium cladding than steel because it is a lighter material and sometimes more economical, though it is easier to get damaged during installation. But choosing metal cladding nonetheless is a step towards a more sustainable business when used for commercial or industrial purposes.


One of the great benefits of metal cladding is that in only requires little maintenance. A yearly wash is a good way of maintaining your metal cladding. The metal used for cladding is now coated with a tinted weatherproof topcoat that can last for many years. Steel can be prone to rust so be sure to address any chips that occur in the installation, and if you are located in a coastal area, it is more advisable to use aluminium cladding.

If you notice some dents in your cladding, it can be easily repaired. Repairs that involve patching up holes are more challenging, so don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

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